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Potential Study Production & Logistic

There is potential in every company. But in the routine and hectic of daily business, there is often a lack of time and an unbiased view to critically examine the deficits and potentials of one's own organization.

Especially with regard to digitization and sustainable design of operational and administrative business processes, opportunities for internal improvement often remain undiscovered and unused.

With the IPOL Potential Quick Scan, we offer a quick, external view of your company's processes in the areas of production, logistics and order control. We draw on extensive experience from several hundred projects and thus not only identify deficits and potentials, but also submit concrete project proposals and best practice solutions to improve the current situation.

The following questions are the focus of the Quick Scan:

  • How can the productivity of production and logistics be increased?
  • How can inventories and throughput times be reduced?
  • Are processes stable, standardized and reproducible?
  • How can information flows be improved across departments?
  • Do the organizational and work structures fit together?
  • Which processes can be sensibly digitized?
  • How can inventory transparency be increased and WIP reduced?
  • Is order management in production and logistics efficient?
  • How can order and dispatch processing be accelerated?

The IPOL Potential Quick Scan can take between two and ten days, depending on the size of the company, the desired level of detail and the individual focus of the examination. We will be happy to advise you on the scope of the examination that is appropriate for your company and will submit an individual offer on this basis. Further information on the IPOL Potential Quick Scan can be downloaded in the performance specification.


IPOL has been supporting industrial and logistics companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide since 2006. With our interdisciplinary team of 30 process experts, software developers and operational implementers, we have successfully completed over 600 projects for more than 240 customers. A strong employee retention distinguishes us from our competitors and forms the basis of our many years of experience and expertise. Through cooperation with more than a dozen universities, partners and experts, we complement our know-how and contribute to research and education.


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