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Consolidation and restructuring

Markets are in change, economic conditions are constantly changing and external influences mean that long-successful business models have to be questioned. Transformation and restructuring offer unimagined opportunities. These must be exploited in a targeted manner through consolidation, reorganisation and modification of the business model.

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Process optimization and increased efficiency

Production equipment is at a standstill, lead time exceeds several days? Your assembly personnel are more occupied with the search for components than with the assembly itself? Forklift trucks often drive without load and although your warehouse is bursting at the seams, the correct material is often missing at the right time?

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Operational support and congestion management

Your delivery performance is plummeting - the customer is on your back? By working extra shifts and sending special freight, you try to avoid downtimes at customers and thus burn additional money? Your team is burnt out and in daily business there is no time to tackle the problem at its roots?

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Digitalization and software development

The buzzword digital transformation intimidates many people rather than motivating them to change. We will show you how you can increase efficiency, relieve employees and improve customer satisfaction through digitalized workflows in production, logistics and order management.

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Relocation and start-up management

That is not inevitable – oncoming projects and new business are a reason for happiness! All too often, however, the situation is very difficult when not all processes are running smoothly at the start of series production and new projects have only been superficially integrated into existing process environment.

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Plant structure and extension planning

Congratulations - this is your chance to establish reliable and profitable processes right from the start! Which plant capacities will you need? How do you design ergonomic, efficient workstations and assembly lines? How big does your warehouse have to be?

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Lean Production & Logistics Material Flow Planning

Lean Administration & Process Management

Interim Support & Ramp-Up Management

Digital Business Solutions & Softwareengineering

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IPOL has been supporting industrial and logistics companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide since 2006. With our interdisciplinary team of 30 process experts, software developers and operational implementers, we have successfully completed over 600 projects for more than 240 customers. A strong employee retention distinguishes us from our competitors and forms the basis of our many years of experience and expertise. Through cooperation with more than a dozen universities, partners and experts, we complement our know-how and contribute to research and education.


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