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Lean Production & Logistics

Your production is characterized by high throughput times and high stocks in production and warehouse? Machines and personnel are not working productively? Are you planning an expedient extension or new construction of your factory or individual production or assembly areas? Are you considering the use of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS)? Then IPOL is the right partner for you! With the help of the Lean Management approach and our Best-Practise-Toolbox, we streamline your production and logistics processes in a way that is tailored to your situation and ensures a sustainable increase in productivity in your plant. We would be happy to work with you to design your ideal factory - from the capacity planning of the individual resources, the determination of necessary floor space requirements in production and warehouse, the linking and synchronization of all production and logistics processes to the complete derivation of an efficient and flow-oriented factory structure.

Plant Structure and Factory Planning

With the help of our experts, we plan your plant expansion or new construction - whether brownfield or greenfield. Based on lean production and logistics processes and taking individual restrictions into account, we determine your capacity and space requirements and, building on this, design a lean, material flow-oriented and, above all, future-proof factory layout.

Value Stream and Production Optimization

High stocks and WIP levels, long lead times and low plant OEE are often only the visible consequences of an inefficient value stream - the true causes often remain hidden. With the help of our experts, we analyze your complete production, control and logistics processes and identify the main process wastes and bottlenecks. Then we work with you to design a lean value stream that is tailored to your production program, in which all of your value-adding processes are coordinated and designed to optimize inventory. At the same time, we adapt the production control to the new situation.

Material Flow Optimization and Logistics Planning

Are you planning a warehouse optimization? You want to optimize or even automate the material supply and disposal in the factory and the material replenishment at the production lines? Do you want optimized container planning? We support you in this, by completely analysing your material flow and then optimising it with you in a route-efficient manner. In addition, we support you in the appropriate dimensioning of your warehouses and the selection of the storage technology suitable for your situation. We would be pleased to take over tugger train planning for you or check whether the introduction of a automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) is worthwhile and advise you on the choice of system. If neither of these is possible, we will be happy to show you our autonomous and quickly implementable forklift call or guidance system. Finally, we would be happy to validate the entire process with the help of a material flow simulation.

Assembly Process and Workplace Design

You are planning a new assembly line or want to increase the productivity of the line and your employees? We would be happy to help you by first analysing the necessary work steps and then optimising the respective work areas, e.g. with regard to the material and equipment used or from an ergonomic point of view. Based on this, we can reassess the work steps, restructure them appropriately and synchronize them with the customer's requirements (line balancing).

Energy-efficient Factory and Process Planning

You want to reduce your energy costs in production? We would be pleased to create an energy value stream and identify the greatest energy wastage in the factory and determine and evaluate all consumers with their specific energy use. Based on this, we derive sustainable measures to increase energy efficiency and summarize them in an integrated and coordinated action plan. We accompany you on the way to an energy-efficient factory!

IPOL Potential QuickScan

With the IPOL Potential Quick Scan we offer a quick external view of your company's processes in the areas of production, logistics and order management. In doing so, we draw on extensive experience from several hundred projects and thus not only identify deficits and potentials, but also submit concrete project proposals and best-practice solutions to improve the current situation.

Product Description


IPOL has been supporting industrial and logistics companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide since 2006. With our interdisciplinary team of 30 process experts, software developers and operational implementers, we have successfully completed over 600 projects for more than 240 customers. A strong employee retention distinguishes us from our competitors and forms the basis of our many years of experience and expertise. Through cooperation with more than a dozen universities, partners and experts, we complement our know-how and contribute to research and education.


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