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IPOL Time - the Intuitive Time Study App

IPOL Time is an app for Android tablets and smartphones to capture process flows and process times.

Due to its clear and intuitive design, IPOL Time can also be used by users without in-depth knowledge of time management methods and allows the user to record cyclically recurring as well as random processes through various recording modes.

The definition of process steps can be adapted and extended during an ongoing time study, so the software can be used already during the initial process analysis.

In the IPOL Time Template Management new acquisition templates can be easily created from existing templates and adapted for the respective process. This saves time during the preparation of the time study.

By defining qualification characteristics, relevant expense drivers (e.g. size of a charge carrier) or similar information can be colleted in parallel to the time study.

The data of the time study are provided as CSV files. The data evaluation and further processing can then be done flexibly, according to individual requirements, in Excel or similar programs.

All functions at a glance

  • Capture of sequential and random processes
  • Recording of times, quantities, routes and number of personnel as well as freely definable characteristics (e.g. load carrier type)
  • Post-qualification of measured criteria through remarks etc. directly during the time recording
  • Process steps can be adjusted and extended during time recording
  • New acquisition templates can be generated from existing templates
  • Time display in seconds or hundredths of a minute
  • Intuitive usability through a functional design
  • Languages: German and English
  • CSV export allows further processing of the captured data independent of the program
  • A detailed manual makes it easy for users without app experience to get started

License Models

IPOL Time is exclusively available at IPOL and can be purchased as a pure app or pre-installed in a bundle with a Samsung tablet, protective case and ergonomic wrist strap. Our individual license and usage models also allow for a temporary rental of devices - e.g. in the context of improvement projects.

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