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Interim Support & Ramp-Up Management

Does that sound familiar? Your plants are working at the limit of profitability and the number of escalations to your customers is increasing. The costs for special transports to avoid threatening line stoppages at your customers make the situation even worse. Your management team no longer keeps many promises, and then you are confronted with a wide variety of consulting firms that increasingly pursue their own interests.

Then it's time for you to get a well-coordinated team on board with IPOL and our network partners for problem solving from one source. In doing so, we use our diverse know-how in the various disciplines of operations to de-escalate the situation with you, to develop long-term remedial measures and to implement them. If necessary, we also provide experienced interim managers from our network to pave the way for long-term solutions and facilitate a structured transition.

Interims Support

Has your organisation reached its operational limits? We intervene with operative capacity in the problem areas of your company in order to achieve the necessary relief for your core team. In doing so, we get to know your challenges at first hand and can develop and agilely implement remedial measures together with you.

Frequently, potentials can be derived from this, which lead to larger optimization projects. In doing so, we are happy to combine the experience gained in your organisation through day-to-day business with the planning skills of IPOL and our network partners. Thus you receive evaluated, implementation-oriented optimisation concepts from practitioners from one source.

Typical fields of activity for an interim assignment are production control, scheduling, customer support, industrial engineering as well as implementation support and project management.

Congestion Management

Are you no longer able to cope with bottlenecks in production, logistics or even entire plants on your own?

IPOL can either provide you with interim support or solve your bottleneck problem holistically and methodically. For this purpose, we set up an inventory monitoring system to systematically record requirements, stocks and receipts and derive targets. These targets are then broken down to the relevant sub-areas in order to establish detailed tracking at area level.

We see ourselves as investigators and mediators: We determine targets and mediate in day-to-day business between divisional management, top management and clients. This approach enables us to successively identify bottlenecks, define remedial measures and implement them with your organisation.

Ramp-up and Relocation Management

Both the launch of new products and the relocation as a result of restructuring or the adjustment of the make-or-buy strategy often present companies with a variety of challenges:

  • flexible and agile project management is required to react quickly to unforeseeable situations
  • technical availability of machines, equipment and tools is not yet fully ensured
  • product and process-specific requirements for quality and the entire supply chain must be coordinated and implemented

Thanks to our many years of experience, stress resistance and a healthy dose of hands-on mentality, we can help you to succeed with the special challenges that have to be met in the context of product launches or relocations. With experienced project managers and operational coordination, we make a decisive contribution to the success of your project.

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Lean Administration & Process Management

Interim Support & Ramp-Up Management

Digital Business Solutions & Softwareengineering

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IPOL has been supporting industrial and logistics companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide since 2006. With our interdisciplinary team of 30 process experts, software developers and operational implementers, we have successfully completed over 600 projects for more than 240 customers. A strong employee retention distinguishes us from our competitors and forms the basis of our many years of experience and expertise. Through cooperation with more than a dozen universities, partners and experts, we complement our know-how and contribute to research and education.


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