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Vision & Values

Mit IPOL zur idealen FabrikThe ideal factory

"Those who have visions should consult the doctor" (Helmut Schmidt, former German Chancellor) - we don't see it that way at all. Our vision is the ideal factory - a place where people work efficiently, successfully, and goal-oriented. A place that makes customers, employees, and entrepreneurs equally happy, because quality and delivery reliability inspire, the working environment motivates to new top performances every day and, at the end, the economic result is adequate.

We are firmly convinced that the ideal factory exists and we would be happy to accompany you on your way to it.

As pragmatic, implementation-oriented process consultants, we know that idealized goals such as "world domination", the "global optimum" or various "100 percent solutions" are not always the right motivation to really achieve improvements. Goals that are too demanding will quickly be abandoned and not pursued further. Often quick successes based on an 80% solution are more recommendable and also far more economical than the endless hunt for the well-known "jack-of-all-trades". We support you in projects to generate quick wins as well as in long-term and strategic issues that aim for absolute excellence.

Close cooperation with you as a customer and your team is very important to us. Anyone who tries to push through changes against the will of the people involved will fail. That is why we focus on partnership-based project work with the goal of integrating your employees in finding solutions and taking them along on the path of change.


IPOL has been supporting industrial and logistics companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide since 2006. With our interdisciplinary team of 30 process experts, software developers and operational implementers, we have successfully completed over 600 projects for more than 240 customers. A strong employee retention distinguishes us from our competitors and forms the basis of our many years of experience and expertise. Through cooperation with more than a dozen universities, partners and experts, we complement our know-how and contribute to research and education.


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